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Twilio Library Issue: Error when phone humber is invalid

Name: Error when phone humber is invalid
ID: 3
Project: Twilio Library
Type: Bug
Area: Code
Severity: Normal
Status: Open
Related URL: https://sara.digital/cf/twilio/api_sms_send.cfm?send_to=50055500012&customer_id=3000&type=sara&sms_text=Hello
Creator: KD Nyegaard
Created: 10/14/15 10:50 AM
Updated: 10/14/15 10:50 AM
Description: When sending to an invalid phone number restresponse.cfc bombs:
Element RESPONSE.RESPONSEHEADER.ETAG is undefined in ARGUMENTS. template: E:\Live_SARA_Interaction\CF\twilio\lib\classes\RESTResponse.cfc on line 40"
History: Created by kdnyegaard (KD Nyegaard) : 10/14/15 10:50 AM

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